Friday, May 10, 2013

Out of the pages of a magazine!

Welcome, friends! How are you? We hope you are having a beautiful day! Let's talk about decorating, shall we?

Oh decorator magazines! How I love you! Your pages are filled with exquisite furnishings! Beautiful paintings! Fantastic floral arrangements! Breathtaking displays! Everything shines and gleams and is just so....perfectly perfect.

Oh decorator magazines...where are the children? The furry friends? The company? The clutter? The dust? The real life?!!

I know, I know. These magazines are kind of like house porn. Not real images. Enhanced for your viewing pleasure. They don't really exist in the real world. (They don't, do they??!) Most of us have the mess and the grit that comes along with real life living. We have kids. We spill drinks on the furniture. We have stuff. But...can't we also have a beautiful house where the kids can be kids and where we can flop down on the couch and be comfy without worrying that we will muss the beauty?

Thankfully, yes! We can! I promise. Come explore the "how- to" with us....

Warmest Wishes~
Bella & Sugar

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A bounty of roses- each with their own beauty...

Welcome to BellaSugar!

We are so glad to have you here. We hope that you will use our blog as a source of inspiration to live a beautiful life, one that is full of joy and laughter. We will share with you how we live- everything from home renovation projects to cooking and setting a beautifully easy table, to gardening (even in a pot!). You can find crafty plans, cleaning and organization ideas, as well as tips for living on less and enjoying it. Laugh at our trial and errors for decorating and see how we arrived at a home that we can actually live in. Most of all, learn to find happiness and love in the things all around you.

Please, stay awhile and enjoy the beautiful life with us.

Warmest wishes~
Bella & Sugar

*today we blogged to background music by: Michael Buble. Love how he stays true to those romantic, classic songs while giving them a modern update. Check him out!